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Motorcycle Brake Shoes

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  1. FJ750 Brake Shoe

    Size: 15x80x35-200
    Easy to install
    Supreme finish
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  2. Asbestos Free Brake Shoes

    CAS No: 7429-90-5
    Alternate Product Name: LY 125 brake shoes
    Type: Asbestos free
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  3. Haojue Suzuki/Bajaj GN125 Brake Shoe

    Size: 8x52x28-130
    Robust design
    Low noise Lining series
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  4. Changqi CN125 Brake Shoe

    Size: 8x57x30-140
    Low noise Lining series
    Low maintenance
    Long life Lining series
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  5. H338 Brake Shoe for OEM

    Asbestor-free Lining
    Light weight
    Easy to install
    Rugged design
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